Crafting Your Path to Optimal Health: A Roadmap for Better Living


Achieving optimal health is more akin to a marathon than a sprint, demanding meticulous planning, steadfast commitment, and effective strategies. This guide offers practical tips to craft a detailed roadmap that will lead you toward improved health and a better quality of life. Through thoughtful preparation and dedication, you can navigate the path to wellness […]

Waterproof Your Freestyle Libre Sensor with an Adhesive Patch


Freestyle Libre Sensor is only water resistant – NOT waterproof! According to Abbott, the manufacturer of the Freestyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems, the freestyle libre 2 or 3 sensors are protected with an IP27 water resistance rating that allows the users to shower, bathe, and swim. However, there is a clear distinction between […]

Keep Your Glucose Tablets & Critical Medicine with You No Matter Where You Go


Get Out and Live a More Spontaneous Life We like to think of our glucose tablet container as a tiny guardian angel. But it isn’t just a pill container; it’s your passport to a life less restricted. No more sweaty palms as you dig through bags for your glucose tablets or crucial meds. Instead, take […]

Safely Transport & Dispose of Sharps On The Go


Portable Sharps Container For Syringes, Needles, Lancets & Diabetic Strips You ever feel like your sharps are holding you back? Like you don’t feel like going out because you’re unsure about what to do with your used sharps while you’re out and about? Well, with our portable sharps container, you can live out loud, footloose, […]